About CPT Broadcast


We’re the audio storytelling arm of ensemble theatre company, Critical Point Theatre! We’re dedicated to continual production of a number of different kinds of podcasts. We have been telling stories, releasing episodes, and winning awards since February 2015. To hear how we came to be, click here

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We’re glad you asked! We’re here to tell stories beyond boundaries, past any given critical point in matter to fuse different experiences. From personalities coming alive telling stories at dinner to personalities leaping off the page in sci-fi drama, from improv that builds worlds to intelligent commentary on the world we live in now. We want to invite you into our process and let you experience how we identify, build, and create stories, beyond the stage.


An anthology series in the vein of The Twilight Zone and Black MirrorThe Grayscale evaluates the spectrum of human behavior, with varying and chilling results. With a revolving door of writers, directors, and actors, these original radio plays explore justice based on our actions, in a world where the laws of science are skewed. Each episode our narrator, The Voice Inside Your Head, introduces us to new characters and worlds, often magical or supernatural in nature, and the story unfolds. Winner of five Audio Verse Awards and also a recipient of the 2016 Serling Award,  The Grayscale aims to uphold the tradition of the american anthology, while focusing on issues pertinent to today.

What people are saying about The Grayscale…

“It’s every bit as intriguing as it sounds…If you loved The Twilight Zone, you’ll love what The Grayscale has to offer.” – The Beallman

“Critical Point Theatre… has teamed up to create a podcast that is essentially a radio drama equivalent of The Twilight Zone. Through the same shade of gray as Mr. Serling’s best-known work, they offer a continuation of Rod’s efforts in an honorific vessel.” – Rod Serling Memorial Foundation

“Tremendously fun podcast…The Grayscale demonstrates that radio doesn’t always have to tug at the same source to create something original and enthralling.”- Ed Champion



Sunday Night Supper is a true storytelling podcast. Friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers sit down and eat a meal, then share true stories based around a theme. SNS encourages the listener to gather with their own family and listen and share stories at home. Host Andrew Terrance Kaberline guides the listener through each course, containing true stories from live recordings, interviews, and reporting. Hitting the funny and sad moments, Sunday Night Supper aims to bring back conversations around the dinner table, by way of slice of life stories that act as a springboard for those at home.

What people are saying about Sunday Night Supper…

“You know those nights where you sit up and just tell stories with your friends till 4am? And… you’re all exhausted but having too much fun to sleep? That’s this podcast. It’s those ‘last hangers on of the party sitting around a campfire,’ stories.”- TheCopperGirl

“By reaching into my own past Sunday night Supper helped me find something new, perspective.”- Lance Diamond


CCRH LogoNo, not like the band. In fact, who is this band you keep talking about, and why won’t you let us tell you about our podcast!? The Creedence Clearwater Revival Hour is an improv-based investigation of the fictional town of Beavertail, Nebraska, and its kooky inhabitants. Led by the epitome of desperation, Pastor Creedence Clearwater of the Revival Church (Matthew Schott), the show jumps between high concept mini-episodes and longform episodes featuring guests from the NYC improv scene. Join, as the history of a town is created before your very own ears! And make sure to read the post descriptions for an even more layered story of Don, the podcast engineer.

What people are saying about CCRH

“It’s almost like if Parks and Rec had a baby with Welcome To Nightvale. Pastor Clearwater is definitely a man I’d love to meet!”- The Whiskey Effect

“The hosts have a lot of fun putting this podcast together, and it shows. Interesting application of storytelling to the medium of podcasting.”- Josh Morgan, The Plural of You podcast


sjwSocial Justice Warrior is a commentary podcast that explores culture gone viral when it comes to feminism and activism. Critical Point Theatre founder and executive director Julia Katz articulates opinions, thoughts, and concerns on modern topics ranging from political correctness and Planned Parenthood, to what Judd Apatow movies can teach us about sexual consent. Released intermittently and featuring a changing collection of guests, SJW aims to provide you with a fresh outlook on how we navigate through life.

SJW has been featured in the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes