CCRH: Pastor Clearwater’s Sermon-on-the-go #4- Education

Strap-in, ladies and gentlemen. The recording you are about to hear is from an ACTUAL classroom.
Beavertail Middle School has become the first of what is sure to be tens of hundreds of schools taking part in a brand new audio-substitute teacher program the Pastor and I created. Using an incredibly life-like child-based recording device made from a sack of hay and a photograph from Getty Images, I was able to sneak a microphone into Mrs. Stacy Johto’s 1st period History Class. Take a listen at the way the Pastor’s recording completely commands the room and instills the youngsters of that class with a kind of Dead Poets Society-esc fervor to learn!
To order your own specialty recording, please contact the Revival Church in person as our Mail Box has yet to be returned.

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