SNS #15: Fighting My Feelings

Straight from the west coast!  This episode features two stories that explore tangible feelings (some universal and some unknown) and the ways that we respond to them.

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First, Jason Tolbert recalls a trip to the emergency room from his youth (2:40). Then, Kimberly Nagaran takes us back to a place that we are all familiar with, the dance floor at a middle school dance (11:10). Finally, Andrew delivers a toast with Jason (19:15).

Featuring stories from Jason Tolbert and Kimberly Nagaran

Hosted and Edited by Andrew Terrance Kaberline
Recorded by Jason Tolbert

Produced by Julia Katz, Chelsea Rugg, and Andrew Terrance Kaberline

This episode features the following music:
“Playon Playaz,” and “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road,” by Pimpstrut Local #13
“It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.” by G.C. Cameron
“60’s Quiz Show,” by Podington Bear

For more information about Jason and Kimberly’s web series, click here.

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