This is SOMETHING OLD SOMETHING NEW — a new podcast from Critical Point Theatre

sosn“Just what in the darn-tootin’ heck is Something Old, Something New, anyway?”

Thats what you probably said to yourself when you first glanced through Critical Point Theatre’s new network of podcasts.

Allow me to clarify.

Something Old Something New is a culture review show where we take new films, books, and television shows that are being talked about now and compare them with film, books, and television shows from the past that are linked either literally through a common body of work or thematically… in some way… that makes sense to us.

Now, I know what you are thinking: “Matt, that’s ridiculous! This is supposed to be a network of podcasts about storytelling! You aren’t telling any stories!” Well, you are sort of correct! While its true we aren’t personally telling any stories, our aim to talk more about storytelling as a whole. By examining the present and past of storytelling in various mediums, it is our hope to gain a greater understanding of the process of storytelling.

Why do trends change over time?

What does the type of storytelling we engage in most say about us as a whole?

Matt-headshotWhy was Breaking Bad‘s ending so lame?

These are just some of the questions we hope to answer in our exploration of things old and things new. We’ll be covering everything from this year’s biggest Oscar nominees to the Oscar ceremony itself! I know, diverse content. Plus, we will mix things up with special episodes called, “Adaptation Sensation!” In these episodes, my co-hosts and I will take a look at the unique challenges that come with adapting one medium to another.

For me, I think that part of the goal of the Crazy Cool Constant Critical Point Theatre Podcast Project is to show just how many different ways a compelling narrative can be told. Something Old, Something New is emblematic of that, and rather than tell its own story, it examines and analyzes storytelling in itself. By looking into our crystal ball of stories past and present, we may be able to go back to the stories… of the future!

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