2017 Podcast Address: Third Year Anniversary

Podcast Head Honcho Andrew Terrance Kaberline reveals everything you need to know about CPT Broadcast’s third year producing audio stories.

Two years ago, on valentine’s day 2015, I was sitting in a rehearsal space in downtown Manhattan with the rest of the Critical Point ensemble, trying to figure out why our podcasts wouldn’t upload.

There is a great photo of this moment that is included in our press photos, of everyone else handling this situation well, and me picking at the sides of my mouth (certainly a gross tick of mine) praying that this hiccup wouldn’t kill the idea of making audio as a group before it even got off the ground.

Fast forward to now, 2017, and CPT Broadcasting is prepared to announce our intentions with our third year production cycle for our audio wing.

Above I have included an audio file that contains my podcast address as well as interviews with the show runners explaining the directions of their shows this year. But for those who can’t listen to it at the moment or maybe are reading this at work, I’ll hit you up with some highlights:


The Grayscale

Last season ended with more information revealed about the Moral Influx Co. and unknown whereabouts of our humble narrator, The Voice Inside Your Head. This season promises to give the people everything they’ve ever wanted, and maybe, just maybe, we will finally learn more about what the Grayscale itself actually is.

  • It will consist of 10 original episodes, dropping on the first of the month
  • The Grayscale will return on the tentative date of April 1st.

The Creedence Clearwater Revival Hour

The Pastor was revealed to be an imposter in last season’s finale, and now he’s on the run. Don’t worry, this will all get straightened out by Detective Jim Silvers, and I’m sure the Pastor will be back to interviewing the people of Beavertail Nebraska this season resulting in hijinks, calamity, and all around merriment.

  • CCRH will return on March 6th with its first full episode
  • CCRH will consist of 15 full length improvised episodes, as well as a handful of minisodes
  • There will be a short mini-series to bridge the two seasons, released shortly

Sunday Night Supper

Andrew returns with a revamped, brand new, glossy sounding season of storytelling and radio journalism. This year we will weave together high concept episodes with stories told in our original format. There will always be an appetizer at the top of show that paints more of a narrative scene, followed by true stories told around the dinner table.

  • SNS will return tentatively in May
  • There will be 15 episodes consisting of true stories and audio narrative features


We hope to bring you some more content this year independent of our three running shows (we have decided to fold Julia’s efforts on SJW into Sunday Night Supper, so that show will no longer be in full time production). Our goal is to release an original limited podcast drama series that will tie in with our production of Phfreaking. Also Will Jennings will be spearheading an ambitious project that aims to work like Masterpiece Theatre, in producing standalone audio dramas created by the ensemble AND by other writers and art makers that we recognize as being great.

SO hang tight everyone! We will be putting more audio in your ears very very soon.

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