CCRH #13: Can We Talk?

Hey Everyone,

I realize I’ve neglected to actually tell you what’s going on in these episodes and accidentally been posting my emails instead. That ends now.

In the Season Finale, The Pastor invites the rest of the religious figures from the town over for an old-fashioned “Pastor-Off.” Things become tense. Someone might lose their church. Someone might lose their life. An old mystery might be solved.- Don’s Editor Note

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I have one more email to share with you all!


Wow. What a year its been ‘huh? First off, I really just need to apologize for how I’ve treated you this year. I’ve been incredibly distant and once you dropped that bombshell earlier on…well it shook me. But I’m gonna make up for all the time we’ve lost this year by being honest with you now.

Things weren’t great with Todd before then end. We were fighting a lot, we stopped sleeping in the same room and eventually he just started seeing other people. I knew and I didn’t stop him because I wanted him to fall in love with someone else, I wanted him to find happiness elsewhere because I knew we couldn’t find it together. Whenever we were in the same room I just felt, distracted, like my mind….my heart was elsewhere.

I know where it was now, Don. I’m ready to admit what I wasn’t ready to say all those months ago. I think…I think I have feelings for you too. You are the only person who ever really “got” me, you know? And that book you wrote? That was hilarious, Don. It was exactly my sense of humor, the exact thing Todd never understood about me. He wrote 50 best selling detective novels to try and connect with me and your hastily-written, spelling-error-filled manuscript understood me better than he ever could.

This is going to sound bad but…when Todd passed, I felt…relief. Like I could finally start all over…all over with you. I knew you had nothing to do with it, I know your soul, Don. Its gentle and passionate. I’ve always loved that about you. I know this is completely crazy but seeing all the things you’ve done this year and watching your friend Pastor Clearwater defend you so passionately in that courtroom it just…it just really woke something up in me and I’m ready to explore that if you are.

What do you say, little brother? Do you want to meet for coffee and see if we can figure this thing out, together?

With love,

Featuring Matthew Schott, Becky Granger, Alex Garretson, and Ollie Corchado
With appearances from Isaac Miller and Amelia Dudley 


Created by Matthew Schott
Edited by Trevor Scott
Theme Music by Chris Callahan

Produced by Julia Katz, Chelsea Rugg, and Andrew Terrance Kaberline


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