This episode of CCRH was recorded live at Cornerstone Studios in New York City,
on June 26th, 2016, as part of the Uptown Arts Stroll.

The Pastor and I hit the road to do a special show in the Big Apple-like city of New York! We had talked all things animals with Safari Scott, Beavertail’s resident animal expert! Also, we would like to address a letter of apology to staff of the Hell’s Kitchen Ramada Inn.
Live From Cornerstone Studios
Live From Cornerstone Studios

Dear Ramada Inn Staff,

The Pastor and I would like to formally apologize for what took place in your lobby last night. Upon further research we have realized that it was in fact Sam Neil who played Dr. Alan Grant in the film, Jurassic Park and NOT Sam Elliot.

We admit the argument that ensued with the front desk staff over which actor that was got a bit too heated and some hurtful things were said. We would like to apologize for calling one front desk worker a “rotting pile of human garbage who wouldn’t know Sam Elliot if he walked into this lobby and kissed him on his fat pig-mouth” and for throwing so many pamphlets for “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” in what quickly escalated into an admittedly very fun pamphlet fight between ourselves and the staff.

That being said I expect full compensation to replace my Science Ninja Team Gatchaman T-Shirt that was ripped slightly in the game of tag that followed. Please send the $8.95 (plus shipping and handling) so that I may order a replacement shirt to my home in Beavertail.

Schott as Pastor Clearwater, Garretson as Safari Scott
Schott as Pastor Clearwater, Garretson as Safari Scott
Jake and Amanda, the lovely front desk workers we ended up bonding with late into the evening in that lobby once the dust settled, have my address. Apologies again for the mess we made and the fire that was started. Perhaps we took the camp-out-like nature of the encounter a bit too far.
The Pastor and I would also like to just say to Jake and Amanda…thank you. True friends like you only come once in a blue moon. I’m glad we were able to meet on this crazy journey of life. If you ever find yourselves in Beavertail please look us up. We can have that Space Battleship Yamato marathon we talked about.Much love to Jake and Amanda,


– Don  

Featuring Matthew Schott and Alex Garretson
With Live Engineering by Chelsea Rugg

Created by Matthew Schott
Edited by Trevor Scott
Theme Music by Chris Callahan

Produced by Julia Katz, Chelsea Rugg, and Andrew Terrance Kaberline


Safari Scott’s Mystical Myriad of Exotic Creatures is brought to you by

Red Bull Energy Drink

Try one of our myriad of flavors today! We suggest starting with our Sugar Free offering, the choice energy drink of Road Runners everywhere*

*This statement may only be factual when considering Road Runners located in or around Beavertail, NE




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