One Year of Thinking – Critical Point Theatre, Thursday Thoughts

We’re celebrating a full year of Tuesday Thoughts! One year ago today, Andrew Terrance Kaberline kicked things off with the first in our series. Remember what it was about? Steal a glance over to jog your memory. While you’re there, read them all!

Okay, so maybe asking you to read them all is a bit much. But how about a few of our favorites?


Naming Your Toolkit — Julia Katz, Tuesday Thoughts – Chosen by Andrew Terrance Kaberline

Julia is a natural born leader, and she understands that part of being a leader is building up your troops. Any time that I doubt myself or the work we are doing as a group, I will turn to this TT, specifically the paragraph where Julia names her toolkit, and it rallies me to keep going forward.

Editor’s Note – Chelsea Rugg, Tuesday Thoughts – Chosen by Dylan James Amick

This one is my favorite because it is a glimpse at the side of podcasting almost no one sees. The work Chelsea was/is doing is unlike any other ensemble member, and it is her voice that we have used to define our own in the audio medium. The writing is simple and fun and accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do; to share just a thought about something you may not have thought about otherwise today. It is interesting, informative, and entertaining – everything our Tuesday Thoughts should be.

Plus it has this gem.

A Comprehensive Guide to Blowing Up Your Life – Andrew Terrance Kaberline, Tuesday Thoughts – Chosen by Trevor Scott

Because I’m in love with Andrew and had to choose only one of his.  I just think this read is thoroughly entertaining

Siri, do you love me? – Dylan James Amick, Tuesday Thoughts – Chosen by Will Jennings

I can relate to the feeling of being in a relationship with my technology. Fellow ensemble member Jackie and I have been in a relationship since she joined the ensemble, we started long distance and it’s been long distance ever since. I can still remember the first time I visited my SO Jackie when she lived in New York. Basically we met, connected, and started texting and talking on the phone, and I went to visit her. The first like 20 minutes of us hanging out were super awkward, because even though I really liked her, it felt like I was attracted to this soul that took the form of my iPhone, so when a real flesh and blood person stood in front of me, it took awhile to connect the voice that came out of my phone to her.

State Of The Podcasts Address- Tuesday Thoughts – Chosen by Julia Katz

Why: I love Andrew so much. Seriously, this is someone who impresses you quietly and consistently with his work. Andrew’s evolution of the podcasts has been so phenomenal. I’m so proud of him for taking a passion and literally making it a career. I’m so excited to see an artist who is doggedly dedicated to perfecting and reforming himself over and over again. I’m so happy that this was something that didn’t just peter out after a few episodes. I’m thrilled that other people have recognized our efforts with the awards and New and Noteworthy on iTunes. It gives me warm and fuzzy feelings and makes me certain that he will only be going onwards and upwards.

IMG_0213 (1)
Don Draper, eat your heart out

Perception Of Language – Will Jennings, Tuesday Thoughts – Chosen by Jackie Mullen

Will’s blog on the perception of language and race, and their connections to the new development of webspeak, was impressive. He took two tough subjects to write about, and gave personal and thoughtful commentary on them, while teaching me some new things and words (like AAVE).
Favorite pull quote
 “Critical Point is writing a show that uses “netspeak.” We are calling what would ordinarily be acts and scenes, “tabs” as a way of structuring the show. We are using abbreviations in our text and using grammar that is even farther from standard American English than AAVE. And every fiber of my being is resisting that.”

Lost & Found – Jackie Mullen, Tuesday Thoughts – Chosen by Chelsea Rugg

It’s been almost a year since Jackie wrote about rediscovering her love of drawing. It puts the BIGGEST smile on my face thinking about how much has happened since then! Every month, Jackie sends us incredible drawings for The Grayscale (did you see the one of Jess Dempsey? or the CPT film projector?!?!). She also drew the sneakiest of beavers for the CCRH logo. I love how working with CPT has encouraged everyone to utilize their dormant talents. I’m still trying to find out what my dormant talent is because I want to be as cool as Jackie someday.

Applaud My Friends
Just one example of Jackie’s immense talent

I Can’t Believe I Took These – Alex Burns, Tuesday Thoughts – Chosen by Matthew Schott

I love that post Alex just did recently where he posted all those photos of the early days of CPT. Its crazy to think just how far we’ve come since that scrappy gaggle of theatre kids putting on a production of The Pavilion. It feels like 50 years ago at this point but its really only been like 3. Nuts. Also there was a nice naked picture of me thrown into that post for good measure.

A Crash Course in Being Uncreative – Trevor Scott, Tuesday Thoughts – Chosen by Alex Burns

I personally enjoyed Trevor’s account of his journal project, and I think people underestimate the artistic work that goes in to “non-artistic” projects. When you look at the millions of videos being pumped out by places like Buzzfeed or Vox it’s hard to imagine the artists trying to share their own personal voice even as they strive to meet corporate guidelines. Trevor’s blog gives us a tiny taste of the people behind all that.

The Name Of The Game – Matthew Schott, Tuesday Thoughts – Chosen by Ryan Barker

If you strung together all the seconds, minutes, even hours Matt and I have talked about video games over the course of our friendship…well…you’d have a lot of audio. One of the first memories I have with him was our attempt to play through this monstrosity. Now I think we can both agree that’s a TERRIBLE game for someone to play for the first time. Or at all really. But Matt’s list of entry-points into the world of video games is a much better representation of everything the medium has to offer.

That should give you a pretty good idea about what’s been on our minds over the past year. Thanks for spending a year with us on our blog! Here’s to many more!



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