We <3 Podcasts (and you should too) – Dylan James Amick, Chelsea Rugg & Andrew Terrance Kaberline, Tuesday Thoughts

CPT We Heart Podcasts

Hey Podcast Listeners,

I hope you had a great podcast release weekend, I know we all did! We can picture you now, surrounded by beautiful suitors, begging to take you out and pay for dinner; but you said “NO! I have podcasts to listen to!”

Bravo sir/madame. You cannot be bought by some cooperate holiday; only by a storm of non-for-profit Facebook posts. But now look at you; you already listened to all of them!




Well, since you’ve been such good fans and supporters of our podcasts, we can help you with one of these problems. Specifically the question about what to listen to. While we take a few weeks to churn out some more quality programming for you guys, feel free to check out some of these other shows that we think are pretty nifty.


If you like The Grayscale you should also check out:

The Truth is another radio drama anthology series with the goal of “making movies for your ears.” These short stories range from dark, to humorous, to just totally out there but always fascinating. If you are jumping in for the first time we recommend the award-winning episode “The Last Job.” A collaboration with the people over at Planet Money (Nothing like our show, but still a good one), this was chosen by Quartz as the best story-telling of 2015. Listen at the link below:



NoSleep is a horror story anthology podcast that acts as the audio complement to the well-known Reddit page r/nosleep. The episodes are significantly longer (about 75 minutes in length) but typically combine 2-3 stories per episode, so they are easy to break up. David Cummings, the show’s producer, brings these creepy tales into vivid reality with a repertory host of narrators, beautiful sound design, and even accompanying images for each episode. If you want a taste of the show, we would recommend Season 6, Episode 16 which has my personal favorite story “Close the Door and Have a Seat” – a haunting perspective about being on the wrong side of revenge and “The Kids at Cold Creek” – a chilling story about how far people go to protect their families. Listen at the link below:


A new episode of The Grayscale will be available March 1st.


If you like Sunday Night Supper you should also check out:

The Moth. Up there with the likes of Serial, The Moth Radio Hour is probably one of the most well-known podcast available as well as one of the original pioneers of the medium. What started as a live story slam event in 1997, has since become a syndicated radio show, now available on demand in podcast form. This program collects an array of storytellers from around the world assuring there is something for everyone. It has stories that are heartbreaking, inspiring, beautiful, terrifying, and basically every other adjective in the book. They are more or less the go-to people for storytelling, so when it comes to picking a starter episode you really can’t go wrong! But if we had to recommend just one, “A Dish Best Served Cold” is a thoughtful and comedic examination of having your identity stolen. Listen at the link below:



RISK! is a great storytelling show that helped get Andrew into storytelling to begin with. In fact, Andrew developed many of his story gathering techniques after sessions with Risk! creator Kevin Allison. It’s similar in format to other storytelling shows, but RISK differs in going for the really gritty stuff. Stories that are maybe a bit too raunchy, or raw, or real for other shows. This best of episode includes many of those. Particular high points were “The Duel,” which is a terrifying account of a father going crazy, and “The Deuce” is a surprisingly sweet comic story about the horror of shitting your pants on the first date. Listen at the link below:


A new episode of Sunday Night Supper will be available February 28th.


If you like SJW you should also check out:

Reply All explores the human side of the Internet and gets at the heart of how the Internet can bring people together and tear them apart. Sometimes hosts PJ and Alex follow something that catches their eye on the Internet – maybe it’s interviewing someone who has posted the same message on Craigslist hundreds of times, or it could be experimenting with micro-doses of LSD after learning about the website TripSit. Other times, the show can dive into serious issues like racism, sexism, and terrorism. In episode 46, Yik Yak Returns, the show takes on the anonymous social media app whose presence on college campuses has provided a forum for mob racism. Listen at the link below:


Call Your Girlfriend is the best show to listen to with your best friend. Co-hosts Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow talk about all things pop culture, personal, and political and the result is a show that’s funny, candid, and insightful. We recommend starting with the most recent episode, #42 Twitter Ninja, where the two co-hosts talk about Congress, marijuana, the Iowa Caucus, and Kanye West.

A new episode of SJW will be available March 15th.


If you like The Creedence Clearwater Revival Hour you should also check out:

The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project is a direct influence on Matthew Schott. A spinoff of Comedy Bang! Bang!, Andy Daly creates a new world every episode by slapping on a new character and giving us the first episode of their doomed podcasts. Like CCRH, the joy in the show comes from the unknown. Beyond a character as host, not a whole lot is planned. It’s up to the guests to create conflict and story, something that Andy Daly does better than anyone else in the business. We recommend you check out the episode “Eye On The Theatre with Don DiMello.” Anyone who has done any theatre has probably encountered the creepy director, but Don DiMello makes all of them look tame. Part of the huge fun in this episode is that Don is a one-note character to begin with, and the guests, including the great Jason Mantzoukas and Jessica St. Clair, have to work together to pull more out of it. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then listen to it simply to hear how Don creatively inserts scantly clad girls into any theatrical production imaginable. Listen at the link below:



Like CCRH, Hello From the Magic Tavern is an improv-comedy podcast where everything that’s said becomes canon! However, instead of getting to know folks from the small town of Beavertail, Nebraska, host Arnie investigates the world of Foon. The result is a hilarious show with crazy characters set in a fully-realized fantasy world. There are shapeshifters, wizards, minotaurs, and dark lords. For this show, we’d recommend starting with Episode 1, the self-titled “Hello from the Magic Tavern.” It’s so fun to see how the world builds and expands with each new episode and to truly appreciate it, you have to start at the beginning. Listen at the link below:


A new episode of The Creedence Clearwater Revival Hour will be available March 2nd with a mini-sode available on February 22nd


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