An Introduction to Pastor Creedence Clearwater of the Revival Church

In anticipation of his podcast debut on Sunday, here’s a message from Pastor Creedence Clearwater himself, and a few words from his sound engineer, Don.

Hello people of Beavertail,

Pastor Creedence Clearwater, from the Revival Church is launching a brand new podcast. He sent me over an ad to play in order to “get people more excited than that time the Hostess truck accidentally delivered two extra boxes of snowballs to the gas station”

The files he sent were…difficult to manage to say the least, but i’m pretty sure I got the audio file he wanted to have played as an advertisement.

Please join us this Sunday for the official launch of the Creedence Clearwater Revival Hour. Pastor Clearwater will be holding a special fundraising event in honor of the launch, at his church from 9AM to 9:45AM.

It’ll be held in the Church Parking lot, as Pastor Clearwater is still awaiting the new set of church keys to come back from the hardware store. If you’d like to stop on by, he’ll be playing the podcast from his car speakers and serving grilled cheese sandwiches. Please BYOB (bring your own bread).

Any and all donations will be accepted and are encouraged.

Thanks and enjoy the podcast!

-Don, The Sound Engineer

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