SNS #13: Riding in Cars with Boys

Part two of our evening of stories with the cast and crew of When We Grow Up. Continuing their quest to remember when they first felt like adults, a few of the male members of the cast recall coming of age moments that deal with the trials and tribulations of automobiles.

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First, Will Jennings takes us through a day in the life of a pizza delivery driver (1:45). Then, Tyler Frech remembers being involved in a hit and run (6:40). Then, Matt Schott tells a tale of a road trip to Canada (14:30). Finally, Andrew toasts to growing up in a car (22:20).

Hosted and Edited by Andrew Terrance Kaberline

Produced by Julia Katz, Lani Fu, Chelsea Rugg, and Andrew Terrance Kaberline

Featuring music by Podington Bear, including the tracks:
Bit Rio, Ice Cream Sandwich, Lope and Shimmer, and 60’s Quiz Show

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