On The Road Again – When We Grow Up

Today is opening day for When We Grow Up! In honor of this terrific event, we’ve got TWOriffic stories of traveling from the journey to Capital Fringe. The first comes from cast member Trevor Scott, as he details what it was like on the road to DC for the special Capital Fringe preview event.

The other week, Matt, Julia, and I had traveled up to DC to perform a preview scene of When We Grow Up. The ride up was pretty steady, and our conversations varied from anything to running lines to sharing stories from high school.

For whatever reason, every time we stopped to get gas, the three of us started our lives of being gambling addicts by purchasing scratch off tickets. I think we wound up coming out even. We’re all hooked.

Once we arrived in DC, we headed to the Fringe Box Office where we put up the first poster for When We Grow Up, marking the beginning of our local marketing campaign. After that we headed the Fringe bar, where Matt and I had begun to schmooze around as our characters Terrance and Dr. Verruckt — marketing the show to patrons as my thesis presentation. I think most people understood what we were doing, but I’m positive that at least one person was baffled by our routine.

The preview itself was a blur, as it took place in small venue that was part of a bar full of people, and we had 4 minutes to preform our scene. So with a time crunch and noisy environment, Matt and I soldiered on and performed our wacky scene. Directly afterwards, it was hard to envision the impact the event would have on publicity. Later we would see lists on news sites that detailed When We Grow Up among shows that you would want to see; although the lists would mostly consist of every show at the preview.

Today at the Fringe Bar, someone recognized me from the preview and stated that she would be surprised if we didn’t sell well, since we were so hilarious. So I’m going to say that the preview simply helped to put us on the map.

On the way home we witnessed someone’s tire fly off the car for no apparent reason. And ate some Chipotle.

The Chipotle was good.

Thanks Trevor. Now onto a more technical-minded story from director Will Jennings. In a bizarre twist of fate, the gizmo that easily transports people between dimensions…wasn’t so easily transportable. I’ll let Will fill you in on the details.

The most “fun” with travel I’ve had this far is the transportation of Terrance’s “parallel dimension gizmo.” If you haven’t seen the pictures of the gizmo, here they are:

Gizmo 3 Gizmo 2 Gizmo 1

Really awesome right? This was created by Dylan Amick, our incredible production designer. Terrance uses this gizmo to display images of the parallel world. Well Dylan made it slightly larger than I had anticipated. There was no lack of communication per se, but when he said it was 2 feet by 2 feet by 4 feet, my thought process was like, “Well, the largest dimension is 4 feet and I’m 6 feet tall and I can fit in my Honda Civic perfectly easily, so there should be no problems at all!” So I traveled to Roanoke with my Civic and Dylan’s friendly father and I tried to put in my car. It wasn’t even close. No way was it fitting in my backseat. No way was it getting in my trunk.

So it wasn’t a huge issue to find someone who could fit the wide girth of the gizmo into the trunk of the car (Ann Marie’s car could handle it), but her car has been pretty much dedicated to the transportation of the gizmo. Her back seats were laid down and the gizmo took up almost the entire back of the car. From the time that she, Trevor, and I picked up the gizmo, her car had only the front two seats and very little trunk space. Luckily, her car made the trip to DC and we’re about to drop off the gizmo at the venue where it will stay for the duration of the festival. I didn’t expect such an issue transporting this singular set piece.

The road it seems, much like the sea, can be a cruel mistress. To see crazy characters and this kooky contraption in action, check out When We Grow Up at the Capital Fringe Festival! If you can’t make it tonight, tickets are still available for all of our shows!

Click here to find out more!

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