GS_1.06: The Best Version of Myself

On the verge of losing his job and his girlfriend, a perennial loser is visited by a doppelganger who offers to make his life less pathetic.

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Directed by Dylan Amick
Written by Andrew Terrance Kaberline
Edited by Chelsea Rugg
Theme by Sammy Pisano
Art by Jackie Mullen

Matthew Schott as Elgin Lumpkin / Elle Lumpkin
Madeline Calandrillo as Cindy
and Nate Betancourt as The Voice Inside Your Head

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AVA_2015_FINALIST_SMALLThis Episode Was Nominated For The 2015 Audio Verse Awards In The Following Categories:

Best Actress in an Original Standalone Production
Madeline Calandrillo

Best Actor in an Original, Long-Form, Standalone Production
Matthew Schott

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