A Look Inside The Rehearsal Process – Matthew Schott, When We Grow Up

Hello there! My name is Matthew Schott, one of the cast members of When We Grow Up. I wanted to share some photos of the rehearsal process to give you a kind of insight into all of the fun work (Furk? Wun?) we’ve been taking part in gearing up for the Capital Fringe Festival!

Some of our practice “Jobs” for rehearsal. Every rehearsal we all draw jobs and pretend to be audience members for the sake of rehearsing moderation. The difficulty comes from the fact that its impossible to remove all we know about the show and pretend to be an audience member. For a show like this, we simply must have the real deal to really get it working.
Trevor takes the stage at our preview in DC. It was no easy task distilling our show down to just 4 minutes. We had to give the audience a taste of what was in store for them without giving too much away. The preview ended up being a huge success. The audience reacted stronger than Trevor and I could have possibly expected and it was such a treat to perform for them.
Trevor and I promoting the show in character as Dr. Verruckt and Terrance. We found it much easier (and much more fun) talking to people as our characters. We could be silly and weird and it only served to interest people more in what our show really was. Plus going in, in character totally washes away any nerves you may have about going up to strangers to talk about your show!
Trevor and I once again standing in front of the Capital Fringe Box Office, ready to take the festival by storm! Its the moments like these before we put the show in front of a crowd that are the most exciting. We’ve tried to prepare for the myriad of possible ways audiences could take part in the show and change the story, but the fact of the matter is that from this point on anything is possible. And I couldn’t be more excited by that.
A small taste of the absurdity that is the Judge. One of my favorite things about acting is just being able to let loose and be really big and over the top. This part demands that of me and its buckets of fun. Plus I get to improvise the whole way through which just adds to the fun. Audiences are in for a real treat with the Judge.

Not enough of a treat for you? Alright, here’s one more:

To learn more about the show and purchase tickets, check us out on the

Capital Fringe website!

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