SNS #11: Shuffle Up and Deal


Sunday Night Supper heads to Atlantic City. Will Andrew live up to the picture he paints of himself as a poker semi-pro? Will Julia win a jackpot at the slots? More importantly, will our duo be able to afford a fancy dinner during their journey?

First, Nate Betancourt tells a story about the concept of control while in a casino (3:20). Then, Andrew Terrance Kaberline and Julia Katz head to Atlantic City to test Nate’s theory, in Sunday Night Supper’s first on-location story (12:00).

Hosted by Andrew Terrance Kaberline

Edited by Vanessa Bretas and Andrew Terrance Kaberline

Produced by Julia Katz, Lani Fu, Chelsea Rugg, and Andrew Terrance Kaberline

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