A Message From The Multiverse

Good afternoon, citizen! We understand that this blog is being used to discuss a project called “When We Grow Up.” In it, there may perhaps be a depiction of the government of our universe that is…less than ideal. The claim is that we force our citizens to perform specific tasks for the entirety of their lives. We prefer the term “career dedication.” Our citizens are given the choice of countless careers at the age of 8. This ensures they get specific education and training that is catered to their job, so that they can quickly and efficiently enter the workforce at 18. Those who choose to abandon these careers are dealt with accordingly. But that’s neither here nor there.


To call our citizens miserable is a very hurtful accusation. We allow each person to decide his/her own fate. Therefore any unhappiness is created on their own accord. After all, science has determined that aptitudes and talents are developed by mid-childhood. Students’ brains are ready to learn.


We are a country of dreamers. Making children’s dreams come true.




Curious? When We Grow Up is a cross between a choose-your-own-adventure book and a coloring book.

To find out what we mean, check us out at Capital Fringe between July 11-26.

To have the opportunity to participate in our show as a special producer, please click here.

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