GS_1.04: The Last Word on Tragedy

A down on his luck reporter gets the story of a lifetime only to find out the true cost of a hot tip.

Written and Directed by Dylan Amick
Edited by Chelsea Rugg
Theme by Sammy Pisano

Jordan Goldston as Eddie Scoopenelli
Julia Anrather as Caron
James McBride as Peters
Andrew Heaton as Mr. Williamson
Patrick Mahaney as Harold Brown
and Nate Betancourt as The Voice Inside Your Head

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Sounds effects from and Apple Sound Effects Library

anagar – “Knock_the_door” (2015)
qubodup – “TableHit” (2013)
Yuval – “piano strings” (2013)
jobro – “Typewriter loop” (2013)
ondrosik – “laugh6” (2012)
altfuture – “Door Slammed” (2013)
fyono – “train passing by”
Heigh-hoo – “resident_comes_home” (2005)
sons_pt – “City River – Ambience (night)” (2014)

AVA_2015_FINALIST_SMALLThis Episode Was Nominated For The 2015 Audio Verse Awards In The Following Categories:

Best Actor in an Original, Short-Form, Standalone Production
Jordan Goldston


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