CPT Broadcast

GS_1.03: Now, Back to Your Scheduled Programming

The world’s last female robotics engineer is faced with a dilemma when her newest creation doesn’t behave the way it was programmed to.

Produced by Julia Katz, Lani Fu, Chelsea Rugg, and Andrew Terrance Kaberline

Written and Directed by Andrew Terrance Kaberline
Edited by Chelsea Rugg
Theme by Sammy Pisano

Carly Erickson as Rosey Klugman
Patrick Mahaney as XY9.5
and Nate Betancourt as The Voice Inside Your Head

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This Episode Was Nominated For The 2015 Audio Verse Awards In The Following Categories:

Best Writing of an Original, Short-Form, Standalone Production
Andrew Terrance Kaberline

Best Actress in an Original Standalone Production
Carly Erickson

Best Actor in an Original, Short-Form, Standalone Production
Patrick Mahaney