GS_1.02: The Effect of Fog at the Overlook


On a foggy night, a recent widower returns to the overlook where he and his late wife had their first kiss. When a young girl shows up looking suspiciously similar to his late wife, the man must make sense out his memories of their courtship.

Directed by Dylan Amick
Written by Andrew Terrance Kaberline
Edited by Chelsea Rugg
Music by Sammy Pisano

Tyler Ward as Ronald Bourque and Young Boy
Lani Fu as Young Girl
Dylan Amick as Cop
And Nate Betancourt as the Voice Inside Your Head

Produced by Andrew Terrance Kaberline, Julia Katz, Lani Fu, and Chelsea Rugg

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Sound effects from
cgeffex – “Hoot-Owl2” (2010)

kayasavas87 – “Whistling” (2009)
mnumhauser – “Walking in the Woods” (2013)
overtone2 – “Crickets in the Woods” (2014)
dobroide – “Forest 04 Binaural” (2008)
juskiddink – “Strong Wind through leaves” (2009)
JoniHeinonen – Car Turn Off Volkswagen” (2014)
adam-n – “Car Horn Long” (2012)
rucisko – “Gravel Steps” (2014)
gutek – “Car Window Knocking Inside” (2010)
hintringer – “Car Manual Window Lift” (2009)
soundmary – “Car Arrive on Gravel” (2013)
didntgotofilmschool – “Night Ambiance 441k 16 bit depth” (2014)
michieldb – “Fox Screaming in Winter Forest in the Night” (2014)
crcavol – “Auto Ignition On Off” (2012)
cam.dudes – “Car Door” (2011)

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