This is SUNDAY NIGHT SUPPER — a new podcast from Critical Point Theatre

snsI’ve been obsessed with storytelling for most of my life. The first podcasts that drew my attention were the ones that focused on this. I spent many hours filing through the catalogues on The Moth. I was nervous and giddy when I got to chat with Risk showrunner Kevin Allison.

Stories are my thing.

That’s why when we started this podcast project, the first show we planned was Sunday Night Supper.

A group of friends, family, acquaintances, or even strangers assemble for a potluck dinner. Everyone brings a dish and a story. There is a theme put out beforehand that can cover a wide range of emotions, and then one by one, stories are shared.

Other storytelling shows feel more like an event, with a clear line between performer and audience. On SNS, we don’t want to think of it as performance. It’s closer to the magic that can happen when you go home after a long time away and your Mom is making her meatloaf, and Dad tells you all the stories about when he was your age, and all the trouble he got into.

podcast-logo2-squareSunday Night Supper is warm.

As of this writing, we’ve held a handful of dinners for the show, and something that I always do when in attendance is offer to tell my story first, both as a way to help settle anyone else’s nerves, and also because I was the one who asked everyone to come and do this crazy idea in the first place.

So, to honor my always-present offer, before the show debuts, I thought it would be polite for me to take the plunge first.

Enjoy. And I hope that you join us for supper every week.

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