GS_1.01: Cracks in the Pavement

grayscaleAn agoraphobic man starts to question his reality when he begins to have visions of a monster lurking underneath the streets.

Matthew Schott as James / Monster

Nate Betancourt as The Voice Inside Your Head

Written by Matthew Schott

Directed by Andrew Terrance Kaberline

Edited by Chelsea Rugg

Music by Sammy Pisano

Produced by Andrew Terrance Kaberline, Julia Katz, Lani Fu, and Chelsea Rugg

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Sound effects from
chripei – Bway Wash Hts NYC 9am 103112 (2012)
1pjladd2 – “Car Passing By” (2011)
MikaF – “Banging Window Wooden Frame” (2012)
Rivernile7 – “Knocking Door and Open Door” (2014)
MathiasR – “Door Closing” (2012)
LoafDV – “Large Earthquake” (2012)
Sergenious – “Electric” (2008)
Duophonic – “City Street Ambience – 5.01” (2009)
Klankbeeld – “Breaking Window” (2014)
Pogotron – “Tape Recorder” (2008)

AVA_2015_FINALIST_SMALLThis Episode Was Nominated For The 2015 Audio Verse Awards In The Following Categories:

Best Writing of an Original, Long-Form, Standalone Production
Matthew Schott


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