This is THIS IS… — A new podcast from Critical Point Theatre

this isRyan Barker here, co-host of This is… My podcasting partner Trevor Scott can’t be here today because he’s busy painstakingly editing every detail of our show while I sit on the couch and type this thing. He sends his warmest regards to you all.

I suppose you’ll want to know why we’ve gathered you all here. Well you came on your own accord, so that one’s on you. But since you’re around, why not enjoy a light read?

This is…This is.

This is… an exploration of small town life. If you open up a map and take a quick scan, you’ll see cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. But chances are you won’t see Danville or Galax. Does that mean those towns don’t matter? We don’t think so. These places have their own unique cultures and people that inhabit them. And they have stories to tell. We want to hear those stories and share them with you. So with virtually no knowledge of a town, we travel there, sit down with residents we encounter, and ask them stuff.

Ryan BarkerThis is… a venue through which people whose voices often go unheard can share their experiences. One of the questions we ask each resident is what sets their town apart from other small towns. They answer with everything from historical significance to personal anecdotes about what their towns mean to them.

This is… a podcast. And we’re excited to bring it to you.

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