The loss of a New York virginity

As I get off what they call the Jersey Turnpike, the air began to smell a bit more pungent and the snow on either side of the road became black from the New York City grunge. Being from a small one stoplight town in Virginia, coming to NYC was always something I have wanted to do! Ever since I watched Home Alone 2:Lost in New York, I have wanted to wander the streets that Macaulay Culkin made look so exciting!

Traveling here with CPT has been an adventure on its own. I bonded with the cast I barely knew beforehand and we cracked jokes about a town we passed called Shartlesville. We managed to make the long trip filled with laughs.

I consider myself someone who knows nothing about theatre and new to finding out exactly what it takes to put a show together. Coming into this adventure with A List of Irrational Fears for Future Leaders of the World, I thought that the FRIGID fest would be a huge group of people who believe they are the shit and that their show is better than everyone else. However, it is one big family where everyone supports everyone, and at the end of the day, these people love what they do. A lot of the shows that other artists are putting on are comedies and just watching the two minute snapshot made me want to 100% see at least six shows.

When we arrived at the Kraine Theater (where we will be performing Saturday at 6:50pm), it was not the extravagantly huge New York theatre I imagined in my small town mind. More like a hole in the wall filled with laughs, love, and great entertainment! Within an hour of being there, we were having a beer with the other artists that are a part of the FRIGID New York festival. These artist have traveled everywhere from Orlando to Toronto to be here. Each person I met was genuinely interested in what I had to say. I assumed that people from a big city aren’t as friendly to strangers as we in the South tend to be. Yet these artists smile and hold doors for one another! I am very grateful to have an opportunity like this where I can meet people that challenge what I once thought and show me a new view on things.

Being in the City was a bit overwhelming, sketchy, and dirty. However, just observing how these people commute everyday — everyone power walks as if they are late for a meeting (!!) — was very interesting to me. People in NYC are prettier than I imagined!

It is debatable whether I fell in lust with a man on the PATH train last night!nyc

I look forward to seeing the turnout of the show and watching the other artists perform. My job here is to promote by word of mouth and canvassing. At first, I was a bit scared to walk around by myself and talk to strangers, but after seeing one of our cast members, Coryn Carson, sweet talk our cab driver all the way home, I have a bit more faith in the kindness of these New Yorkers… because he gave us a half priced ride! I’m looking forward to the adventures to come!

Get tickets for A List of Irrational Fears for Future Leaders of the World HERE

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