ACTOR’S CORNER: Wilson Murphy on connecting with the cast

I have cherished getting into the role of Peter so far; he is such a nostalgic person, who glorifies his past and is trying 206395_1966547209562_2266835_nevery way possible to go back and do it all over again. It has been a very unique process for me up until this point. I have been going back into my own past and finding ways that I can relate to Peter’s situation firsthand, and have found that sometimes I can find a recent memory that’s relatable, whereas other times I need to delve further back into my (relatively) short lifespan. Working with the cast in story circles has opened up a lot of experiences I may have forgotten or ignored and has developed, probably, one of the strongest connections I’ve ever had with a character.

I have found that the strongest moments on stage for Peter are not only necessarily the ones where he is talking or trying to win Kari back, but are actually the moments when Kari is sharing her feelings with him and realizing the pain that he has put her through. It’s very emotionally exhausting when you believe that one person can be “the key to your entire existence” and then learning that you are, in fact, the bane of theirs. Peter has this happen to him at least twice at the climax of the play and it has been killing me Untitled-2every night.

It’s also been very easy getting invested in this show because of my phenomenal cast mates. I have worked on quite a few shows now with Kelsey and Matthew and I don’t think there are two other actors that I am more comfortable with. I always know that they are listening to what I am saying and there to catch me when I fall. They have made it a very safe work environment and I don’t fear anything when sharing my life stories with them.

With the combination of this cast, this crew, and this script, I can confidently say this is going to be a show you don’t want to miss. It will stay with you beyond when the lights come up in the theatre, and keep your mind churning.


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